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This site is for manufacturers and sellers of vertical/horizontal blinds.

Since 2002, I wrote some programs for it. One of these programs had been translated to english. This program is named "Lambrequin blinds" and intended for a new type of vertical jalousie, which was created in Russia (Мультифактурные жалюзи). Now I'll try to explain, what it is in essence and how does it looks.


Lambrequin Blinds - one of the most beautiful types of blinds, which combines all the advantages of plastic and fabric. Recently Lambrequin Blinds gained more and more popular in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, also in Ukraine (incl. Crimea). 

They are made on the basis of vertical blinds and represent a combination of several kinds of material (plastic and fabric, fabric and fabric or plastic and plastic) of various textures, colors and patterns at your request. With its original appearance, lambrequin (patterned) blinds saves all advantages of conventional vertical blinds: the possibility of manufacturing products large area and the possibility of opening in different directions from the center of cornice. Lamellas width forms 89 mm or 127 mm. Such blinds made to order, always draws the attention and cause delight and admiration.

 Typically, the upper shutters formed from plastic slats, with the possible addition of mirrors, gold or silver boxes, and the lower part - of the fabric. You assigns, as would like to build your blinds. You combine fabric and plastic of various textures and colors, creating blind, which is ideally suited to your interior. The upper portion may be uniform or a colorful, plastic lamellas may form a pattern - semicircular arches, sea waves, simulating the lambrequin...

 A new element enclosed to design of lambrequin blinds lamella - groove. Groove - the basis on which invested plastic lamellas to create a picture (in the groove inserted tissue and one or two plastic inserts). Groove - is bulging plastic profile with two transparent guide.

 Typically, lambrequin blinds consist of three levels (layers). In order to have finished the window appearance to the upper truck installed decorative cornice. It is manufactured on the basis of groove, which is inserted cloth or plastic, but it can also be used at the same time, and a cloth and plastic. Decorative cornices are mounted with the help of the holders of groove. At the edges of a decorative cornice rose lateral elements that are attached with special angular elements.  

to operate and care lambrequin blinds give any placement of a bright, unique appearance. They look fine in strict office interiors, and domestic premises. You can use them everywhere: in office, in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.


1 plumb cord management

14 Bracket

2 cord management

15 Bracket latch

3 Runner stop (C-clip)

16 Button

4 Asterisk

17 Magnetic lock

5 Runner

18 slide with a screw

6 Management chain

19 Magnetic lock

7 Lower chain

20 Aluminum bench

8 Distance

21 Groove

9 Management chain connector

22 Lamella’s bob

10 Management mechanism

23 Lamellas (plastic)

11 Bar

24 Foil

12 Stopper

25 Lamellas (fabric)

13 Bush


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